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Robyn B. Kennebrew (Rob Bre) is a blogger, event planner and public relations and brand strategist with over ten years of experience working with nonprofits and small businesses. Robyn has had a successful career working with nonprofit organizations, helping them to leverage resources, communicate strategically and work effectively. Throughout her career, she has been responsible for coordinating special events, such as annual banquets and galas and leading the cultivation and solicitation efforts that raised more than $50,000.00 each event. In addition to fundraising, Robyn has written and prepared grant applications, proposals and reports with diverse teams.

As a strategic communications and branding professional with Poised Publicity, Robyn has been responsible for creating and executing marketing and public relations strategies; analyzing fashion and market trends, data and competitors; developing and maintaining websites and social media accounts; writing and distributing content; and maintaining traditional public relations and media relations activities. As a publicist, Robyn works to generate news coverage on behalf of clients and serves as the connection between clients, their public and the media.

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